Opera Singer turned Web Developer




Hi, there! I’m Catherine, and I am a full-stack web developer. I currently work at Mavenlink, where I collaborate on some SaaS-sy project management software using Ruby on Rails and Backbone/Marionette. Previously, I worked at Red Antler, a branding agency in Brooklyn, where I built and maintained fully responsive websites and web applications for a varied and diverse clientele. I am a graduate of The Flatiron School Web Development Immersive Program.

I came to the programming world from a career as a professional opera singer, and I am constantly amazed at the parallels between the two. The ability to memorize hundreds of pieces of music has made me a developer with an astute attention to detail. My skills at recognizing musical patterns has made me a developer who thinks modularly. And because opera is a field where one is constantly learning and improving, I am a developer who sees every project as an opportunity to learn something new and improve upon what I coded previously. The more I build and learn, the more my love for creating things through code deepens!

Stuff I use on the regular: HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, Backbone.js, Wordpress, Themosis, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Grunt, Gulp, Browserify, RequireJS, Bourbon Neat, Bootstrap, Materialize

Stuff I feel comfortable with: PHP, Meteor, React, AngularJS, Ember, Jeet